manifesto – and an interview-series.

beige is not a color, but a problem. in nature beige is worn by sand, dry grass and some ponies – but in fashion, design or architecture it developed into the colour of the undetermined. RAL 1001 (HEX code #d0b084) is the colour that doesn’t hurt and doesn’t frighten. beige means cosy like the two-seater sofa from the furniture store, acceptable like the tiles in the new-build bathroom and nature-loving like the practical leisure blouson and the sun hat.

but it is also the refusal of making any taste decision (and no, ‚greige‘ is not a decision either). in 2010, ‚magda‘ wrote in a column for ‚freitag‘ paper about pensioners who „are constantly walking through the countryside dressed in beige. (…) the beige virus is terribly rampant“ and she closed her text with a beautiful quote: „we want a few mad people now. see where the sane ones have landed us!“ george bernard shaw, ’saint joan‘

and that’s the idea of antibeige: to support the crazy ones.

in our interview series we present people who dance out of the row, who are a little different, who don’t care much what their neighbours think. and it’s not only about the courage to use colour, but also about the courage not to cover concrete ceilings, to cover a vintage sofa with yolk yellow velvet or to lay patterned tiles in the bathroom (including the ceiling, if you like).

the world is wild, life is colourful, let’s push back the beige. just be antibeige. by the way, the word first appeared at the end of the 90s, when apple’s colourful, translucent imac was launched. in fact, until then, computers were usually – beige.

anti-beige is more pop, more punk, more memphis and more what-you-want!