unseen eames.

Eames‘ plasticchairs are omnipresent nowadays: practical, good-looking and loved by everyone. But when you’re not „everyone“ and would like to insert something special into your interior, here we’ve got a striking discovery: A drafting chair. Bright-red fibreglass sidechair shell on height-adjustable, swivelling drafting frame.

Often the designs by Ray and Charles Eames took part at historical events. Chess players Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky sat on Eames Lobby Chairs in Reykjavic during their legendary world championship fight in 1972. And drafting chairs like these featured prominently in the 1976 TV duel of incumbent US President Ford with his democratic challenger and later Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter.

The drafting chair, designed by Ray & Charles Eames, produced by Herman Miller since 1958, can be rotated and tilted and are also height-adjustable. The frame have been completely restored by our Vitra restorer, the „Crimson“-red bowls in a very good vintage condition, the shockmounts are replaced with original spare parts.

Whether you want to become president, equip your bar (or both), these unusual drafting chairs are a great opportunity to own something special from Eames.

Product: Adjustable Stool Swivel Side Chair

Designer: Ray & Charles Eames

Manufacturer: Herman Miller

Release Date: 1958

Dimensions: SH: 75 - 80 cm, H: 113 - 118 cm, Feet rest: 52 x 52 cm

Materials: Fiberglas, rubber, metal