the very longboard.

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skateboarding became popular in the late sixties, starting with surfers who mounted rollers under their surfboards to experience their preferred sport also on the road. these „longboards“ were predecessors of todays skateboards – and amazingly, at exactly the same time german designer horst brüning developed this very, very long sideboard which radiates an incredible elegance.

we don’t know if he was inspired by the longboards from california, but brüning certainly was an innovative, modern and avant-garde designer, known for his clean, streamlined minimalism. born 1934, he studied architecture and interior design at the hamburg college of fine arts until 1956, followed by design studies in copenhagen and stockholm, before opening his own office in stuttgart in 1963. here brüning came in contact with alfred kill of kill international, a famous manufacturer, who has also produced many designs by preben fabricius and jörgen kastholm. brüning established a friendly relationship with them, they also worked together, resulting in international recognition and success.

in 1967 brüning developed this sideboard for behr production kg. this german interior brand, founded in 1912, is curating, producing and selling modern furniture until today. especially famous for their ’systemmöbel‘ development of modular furniture they were (and are) a go-to-adress for modern interiors of private dwellings and offices. 

brüning sideboard model 1730 in white lacquer, sliding doors and base frame made of aluminium. equipped with an integrated strip on the back for possible wall mounting.
very good restored condition.

Product: Sideboard Model 1730

Designer: Horst Brüning

Manufacturer: Behr production kg

Release Date: 1967

Dimensions: w: 320 cm, h: 70 cm, d: 45 cm

Materials: wood, aluminium