the player/hamburg/part 1.

work hard, play hard, they say – meaning to have a good work-life balance and to give equal attention to your business and to your personal goals. this leads to new styles of work, such as more home office days, sabbaticals or even recreation spaces in office flats. but there’s also a need for new „cross culture“ offers on the other side: a food spot, where you can change from working lunch to workshop instantly. conference rooms transforming into a private dining location. or a restaurantbecoming a club after dinner, where you can celebrate a successful meeting right away. 

that’s the concept of lifestyle location „the player“ in hamburg, where the owners asked us to customize the different spaces. from colour and material selection up to the very unique character for every single room we supported the overall „clubhouse“ atmosphere. 

because nothing says „work“ more obviously than the open-plan officedivided into small cubiclesdesigned by one single manufacturer – and nothing is more fun than breaking up this monotony. that’s why we recommended interiors with a mix of unique new furniture and selected vintage objects with a certain „wow“-factor. we consulted and curated, researched and collected hundreds of pieces. we put midcentury plexiglass chairs on 21st century carpets by moooi, we surrounded a huge eames‘ segmented table with extremely modern danish design chairs and we confronted colourful experimental desks by ernest igl with polished aluminium office chairs by hadi teherani. this eclectic mix of decades and countries, design stars and no-names, styles and materials supports the feeling of a „grown“ (and grown-up) space.

new work also means making the necessary work easier, more pleasant, more convivial, more cheerful. we wanted to contribute to this feeling with the careful design of these interiors forthe two upper floorshome to the „new work club“ with offices, conference rooms, lounge areas and a rooftop bar. in the upcoming second part, we‚ll show you the restaurant on the ground floor and the playground on the connected first floor – to which we were also able to contribute a lot.


photos/© by alex bunge,