the lkx. for collectors and lovers.

really rare: the most deluxe version of the eames upholstered wire chair with a tan (light brown) leather full cover. first presented in 1951, there were two sizes available: dining height (dkx) and lounge height (lkx), with full (-1) or bikini (-2) cover. charles eames described the design process in an 1958 article in ‚interiors magazine‘: „it was in the most desperate hours, when there seemed to be no hope of getting the perfect molding for the reinforced polyester chair, that the upholstered wire chair was conceived. (…) we thought we would go to the opposite extreme and do a molded, body-conforming shell depending on many, many connections—but connections that we as an industrial society were prepared to cope with on the production level. if you looked around you found these fantastic things being made of wire—trays, baskets, rat traps, using of a wire fabricating technique perfected over a period of many years. we looked into it and found that it was a good production technique and also a good use of material. before the molded plastic chair had been solved, the molded wire chair was well under way.“ 

so, when you are interested in midcentury design’s history, this is a great piece to start a collection (or to complete one, when it’s the missing link in yours). it’s in a wonderful condition and would make a great conversation piece on a pedestal. but even if it’s just for yourself, it’s good to know you’re sitting on a very special designer piece while you flip through the „story of eames“ for example. in 1954 the lkx was discontinued and replaced with an slightly higher version, the medium (mkx) height wire chair; also the X base was replaced for the lighter and more versatile ‘h base’. 

charles & ray eames wire chair LKX-1, (lounge height, k-wire, x-base, single piece upholstery), made by herman miller („patent pending“ embossed on the metal), assembled in venice, california (original label on the shells bottom). exceptional condition. collector’s item.


Product: lkx-1 lounge height k-wire base single piece upholstery

Designer: ray and charles emes

Manufacturer: Herman miller

Release Date: 1951

Dimensions: h: 68 cm, d: 56 cm, w: 48 cm

Materials: metal, leather, upholstry