gufram cactus

iconic and ironic.

Sold, sorry.

the world famous loved and beloved gufram ‚cactus‘, designed 1972 by guido drocco and franco mello. it’s a very impressive coat stand – but beware that your chosen outfit matches this major design piece (try casually throwing a versace jacket over it). 

‚cactus‘ comes as an ironic totem, and embodies the grit, the imagination and the humour of the design of the seventies“ says gufram on it’s own website. it was part of the ‚multipli‘ series, experiments in radical design, consisting also of the ‚bocca‘ (mouth) sofa, the ‚pratone‘ (large lawn) sofa, the ‚capitello‘ (capital) chair and many more. these pieces challenged the status quo of interior design with their pop art appearance and their emphasis on lust and joy. or, as franco mello himself put it in 2002 at an exhibition he curated at castello di rivoli: „often an object began with extremely beautiful but rough drawings. it was like working with clay or writing a song: the piece emerged bit by bit. first came the idea. the seduction, first of all. and the market reacted in surprising fashion.“

„cactus“ is a part of permanent collections in important international museums such as ‚mude‘ in lisbon, ‚adam‘ in brussels and ‚fondation beyeler“ in basel.

this four-armed coat stand was produced in 1986 as number 640 of a series of 2000, in soft polyurethane, finished by hand in the original emerald green guflac®. label stamped at the bottom: „gufram multipli ’86 cactus, 640 / 2000“

dimensions: h: 170cm, ∅: 70cm, w: 22kg

Product: Cactus coatrack

Designer: Guido Drocco, Franco Mello

Manufacturer: Gufram

Release Date: 1972

Production period: 1986, nr. 640 of 2000

Dimensions: H: 170 cm, diameter: 70 cm

Materials: soft polyurethane, lacquered finished by hand


gufram cactus
gufram cactus
gufram cactus
grufram cactus
gufram cactus, janine abraham