The egg came first. 

Sold, sorry.

At least this Egg Chair. It comes from the first small production series, produced in 1958 – and it came without a seat cushion at that time. 

Arne Jacobsen designed the Egg for the lobby and reception areas of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The commission to design every element of the hotel building, including the furniture, was the designer’s grand opportunity to put his theories of integrated design and architecture into practice. The Egg is one of the triumphs of Jacobsen’s total design – a sculptural contrast to the building’s almost exclusively vertical and horizontal surfaces. The Egg sprang from a new technique, which Arne Jacobsen pioneered: a strong foam inner shell beneath the upholstery. Like a sculptor, Arne Jacobsen strived to find the shell’s perfect shape by experimenting with clay in his garage. 

For its age of 61 years the Egg Chair is in a surprisingly good condition. The leather is not torn at any point or has holes. 2 of the missing rubber feet can be replaced with original spare parts on customer request. This chair is a real collector’s item. So if you’ve got a chicken-or-egg-problem to be solved: Here’s your answer!

Product: Egg Chair (Model 3316)

Designer: Arne Jacobsen

Manufacturer: Fritz Hansen

Release Date: 1958

Dimensions: h: 107 cm, w: 86 cm, d: 79 - 95 cm, sh: 36 cm

Materials: leather, upholstery, fiberglas, metall