The Artichoke, a bit tarnished.

Sold, sorry.

In 1958 Poul Henningsen designed the Artichoke for the Copenhagen Langelinie Pavilion. And it still hangs there.


The lamp is still in production by Louis Poulsen and has a firm place in many design museums, such as the MoMa.

It consists of 72 sheets, which sit in rows of 6 on 12 steel arches. Thanks to the perfect arrangement of the leaves, the light bulb cannot be seen from any position, giving you glare-free light.


Our Artichoke is a rather early version, the copper at the lower end of the leaves has tarnished.


Product: PH Zapfen

Designer: Poul Henningsen

Manufacturer: Louis Poulsen

Release Date: 1958

Production period: still today

Dimensions: Diameter: 60 cm, Height: 58 cm

Materials: Metall