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Also in 2019 we use our walls again to show some art. We start with the Hamburg-based artist Burkhard Schittny and his Schittny-Tubes.


Whether in galleries, museums or at home on the wall: people like a close inspection of works of art. If you do this with „Tubes“ by Burkhard Schittny, then you might have a self-experience that expands your consciousness. You’ll discover yourself and the room you’re in, filled with your own valuables, the sofa and the bookshelf, the dining table and the TV set. So these objects are not superficially decorative, they reflect the life and ego of their viewers – in the truest sense of the word. The deeper meaning can only be measured by those who stand before it. Be careful what you wish for.   “Tubes” are wall objects made of mirror foil and highly transparent colour foils from a palette of more than 300 colours; these rolled-up foils are then arranged in an acrylic box with a mirrored rear wall. They combine ideas of geometric abstraction, post-war modernism and Op-Art with a sensual and overwhelming luminous brilliance. They perfectly balance minimalist condensation with dazzling illusionism. All works of the Tubes series are unique.   Hamburg-based artist and photographer Burkhard Schittny first studied fashion design at the Kunstakademie in Bremen, followed by an MA in Fine Art at the Central Saint Martins College, London. He has a particular interest in a hybrid pictorial world: Schittny crosses photography, film, and painting, creating visual flashbacks between image and fantasy.   #schittny_tubes #burkhardschittny #schittny #func #hamburg #art#affordableart


Product: Schittny Tube 25/1288/17 and 25/3108/18

Designer: Burkhard Schittny

Manufacturer: Burkhard Schittny

Release Date: contemporary

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 13 cm

Materials: mirrored tubes, transprent colour foils, mirrored back board, acrylic case