We designed and built a kitchen for a private house in Hamburg. The requirements were clearly formulated: modern, more work space and storage space than before and by no means black. The spatial conditions left little room for manoeuvre, the kitchen is around 9 square metres in size and 3 of the four walls are interrupted by doors. 


We have placed a small island in the middle which contains various small cupboards and drawers, the stove and oven and the extractor fan which directs the cooking air into the cellar (thanks to a small core bore) and from there to the outside. Additionaly, the cooking island offers enough space for 2 – 3 seats. 


Behind the stove are sink, dishwasher, garbage, refrigerator and various other cupboards, because somewhere the stuff for a family of five has to go. To enter the breakfast terrace without losing valuable traffic space, we have installed the terrace doors opening to the outside. An iPad is integrated in a cupboard door, which shows breakfast television, famous cooking shows on Netflix or just recipes from the internet etc.. 


The entire kitchen is made of a new construction material: waste paper pressed with synthetic resin, after all we are in the sustainability industry (LEED® recognition, the ecological building certification program, GREENGUARD® Children & School certification, sustainable production through waste-to-energy technology). The material feels soft and warm, is heat resistant, shock and impact resistant and resistant to dirt. 


We have combined it with the re-launched french ‚Lampe Gras‘ ceiling and wall lights and high ROWAC stools. 


Suddenly our customers are very enthusiastic about black kitchens..