piece of earth.

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furniture made of stone is always fascinating – be it a midcentury travertin coffee table, a granite sculpture or a marble console by angelo mangiarotti. even more impressive are pieces made of „onyx marble“. while real onyx is a black and white semi-precious stone only used for jewellery, the material used for tabletops scientifically is called „aragonite-sinter“, veined and colourful, semi-translucent and sometimes manufactured in large panels for wall cladding. maybe that’s more suitable for a palace, but here we have something close to it: a beautiful representation table, usually for an entrance hall, often decorated with a big bouquet of flowers.

the large onyx plate in a mixture of red and green sits on an elegant midcentury black metal counter framework (four arms with height adjustable ends / four legs). the table is believed to be italian made, while the onyx itself stems from pakistan (this colour only occurs there).

d: 119 cm, h: 80 cm (caution: this height is dedicated to decorative usage. for use as a dining table, the frame would have to be adjusted (shortened) to a normal sitting height).

Product: round table

Designer: unknown

Manufacturer: unknown

Release Date: 1950ties

Dimensions: Diameter: 119 cm, H: 80 cm

Materials: Onyx marble, steel, brass