Partner Desk, Jorgen Kastholm for Kill International, 1973.

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A partner desk by danish designer Jørgen Kastholm (1931 – 2007), often mentioned in the same breath with Preben Fabricius. Together they developed a series of very successful furniture designs for Alfred Kill from 1961 – 1968. In 1968 the two designers separated, Kastholm later became professor at the Bergische Universität in Wuppertal, where he taught design from 1975 to 1996.


Kastholm designed this large desk for Kill in 1973 (this business relationship continued). It is a „Partner Desk“ – in the 19th century the name for a desk that could be used from both sides. Partners, whether in the bank, the office or the law firm, still like to use such desks today. In contrast to these often richly ornamented oak tables, Kastholm has chosen the simplest possible design variant: a steel frame with a rectangular cross-section and a large worktop made of wenge veneer.


By the way, this is also a system piece of furniture: these tables were designed as a series that could be connected with each other. His son Thomas Kastholm wrote to us about this table: „On the last photo you send me, you can see the screw hole goes through the steel, this is so you can extend the table with more tables and so on. This table is for a head office because of the largest size.“ He was kind enough to send us a construction drawing as well:

Product: Partner Desk

Designer: Jorgen Kastholm

Manufacturer: Kill International

Release Date: 1973

Dimensions: L 170 cm, D 118 cm, H 71 cm

Materials: Wood, Metal