meet the flintstones (set of 4 t-chairs).

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when designing a chair you’ll need a seat to sit on. then something to raise it from the floor – otherwise a cushion would be sufficient. and maybe you’ll go for some backrest – otherwise it’s a stool. most chairs rely on some kind of back plate, made of solid wood, carved or openwork. if you keep only the edge of the plate, you have two supports and a crossbar. and if you then reduce even further, you can get by with just one support. this is exactly what makes the archaic charm of the sculptural ‚t-chair‘.

we have a set of six and a set of 4 chairs, a bench and a stool – by the way, the objects come from our favourite small cafe in paris (where we spent our lunch time every day we stay in Paris), belonging to fantastic ‚the broken arm‚ concept store in rue perrée. the chairs are made of stained elm wood and sculpturally crafted by hand. rustic, minimalistic, brutalistic – bringing a sense of organic power to every understated design interior.

set of brutalistic 4 ‚t-chairs‘
dimensions: height: 31.5 in. (80 cm), width: 15.75 in. (40 cm), seat height: 18.12 in. (44 cm).

Product: dining chair

Designer: unknown

Manufacturer: unknown

Release Date: ca. 1969ties

Dimensions: height: 80 cm, width: 40 cm, seat height: 44 cm

Materials: elm wood