„I suffocate on aesthetics.“ (Arne Jacobsen)

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The Swan Sofa (The Swan Sofa, Model 3321) was designed in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen for the suites, lobby and panoramic restaurant of the SAS Royal Copenhagen. The Copenhageners chose the hotel building as the ugliest building in the city – it is now regarded as an indispensable contribution to international modernity.


Jacobsen has always carried out his projects with attention to detail and perfection. When he has designed a building, it is usually the same with the complete interior – right up to the curtain rail designed by him. His perfectionism often led to delays on the production side, his aesthetic demands did not stop at the private sector either. Jacobsen once said: „I am suffocating in aesthetics“. Coffee cups always had to stand after strict order in the cupboard and even with the selection and arrangement of cake pieces he is said to have paid meticulous attention to the appearance.


This Swan Settee lies dormant in our warehouse for more than a decade until we finally set out to have it upholstered again in Denmark, for the cover we used aniline leather, the color is called „whisky“.

Product: Swan Sofa, Model 3321

Designer: Arne Jacobsen

Manufacturer: Fritz Hansen

Release Date: 1958

Production period: 1958 - 1974, Relaunch 2000

Dimensions: H: 79, T: 74, L: 144 cm