„Happiness comes from correctness.“

Sold, sorry.

A very German quote, one might think – but it was coined by Angelo Mangiarotti, architect, designer and professor, born in Milan in 1921. Perhaps because as a visiting professor in Chicago in the mid-1950s he met not only Frank Lloyd Wright, but also Walter Gropius and Mies van der Rohe. But maybe it just describes his profound architectural understanding of construction and materiality that always influenced his design. And precision is an essential component of his series of „Eros“ tables developed for Skipper in 1971: they consist only of a marble slab and also made of marble column feet that „slot“ into prefabricated openings through their conically shaped upper end. The weight of the slab stabilises the structure like the end stone of a vault. The „eyes“ open towards the edge allow the legs to merge with the tabletop. Due to the pure marble and the complete renunciation of other connecting elements, the table has an enormous sculptural presence.


Our table is in a very good vintage condition. The plate has been expertly restored in one leg section, the repair seam is hardly visible.

Product: EROS, threelegged triangular dining table

Designer: Angelo Mangiarotti

Manufacturer: Skipper

Release Date: 1971

Dimensions: L: 142 cm, H: 72 cm

Materials: Marble grigio scogliera beige