„Good design is good business.“ (Florence Knoll)

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In 1961 Florence Knoll designed the „Executive Office Design“ furniture line, an elegant revolution in the world of office furniture.


In the 1960s, things changed in the world of work – even among the bosses. Until now, companies have mainly been managed in writing, through correspondence with instructions to the branches, letters to business partners and banks, notes, memos and so on. But with the change in management tasks, more and more oral discussions were being held, more conference rooms were needed, and the „meeting culture“ was established (and took over at some point – but this is a different topic).


And if you always have meetings with department heads or meetings with employees, you don’t really need a desk anymore – you need a „talking table“. This thought inspired Florence Knoll to her „Executive Office Design“. A typical example was the oval „Pedestal Table Desk“, suspended on a central leg with four diagonally projecting feet, which is nowadays often used as a dining table.


The much rarer Executive Partner Desk also comes from this series. A rectangular desk top with 2 narrow drawers on each long side, lying on the same leg as the oval Pedestal Table Desk. At the moment we have a specimen with walnut top and very nice patina in the showroom.



Product: Executive Partner Desk

Designer: Florence Knoll

Manufacturer: Knoll

Release Date: 1961

Dimensions: L: 183 cm, T: 95 cm, 74 cm

Materials: Metall, Holz, Nussbaum Furnier