get your kicks from the „x“.

a rare beauty: a first generation rope edge eames low/lounge height armchair x-base (or ‚lax‘). this very low cocktail chair is the quintessence of lounging: just above the floor, casually reclined, with a drink in hand (or the playstation controller, if you like). designed in 1949 it is difficult to find, because it’s one of the rarest models in the ray & charles eames fibreglass series.

the colour originally was called „red orange“, but this slightly faded appearance now is better known as „salmon“. coincidentally, „lax“ is also called salmon, as in swedish „gravlax“, the delicious fermented fish, whose colour pretty much matches the chair. the word „lax“ fittingly also means „casual, easy going“ – and it’s also the code for the los angeles international airport (and now we ran out of remarkable associations. just get yourself a pink drink, sit down and relax.

ray & charles eames lax low armchair with x-base, first generation, rope edge, strong fiberglass structure, rope edge, checker board label, manufacturer: zenith for herman miller

fiberglas, rubber, metal. dimensions: h: 62, w: 62, d: 63 cm

Product: lax low/lounge height armchair x-base

Designer: ray and charles emes

Manufacturer: zentih for herman miller

Release Date: 1949

Production period: 1950 - 1953

Dimensions: h: 65 cm, w. 63 cm, d: 63 cm

Materials: fiberglas, metal, rubber