gaudi chair.

Vico Magistretti (1920 – 2006) is definitely one of our favourite Italians. Especially because of his Gaudi-Chair from 1970. This chair, made from a single piece of fiberglas-reinforced synthetic resin, is elegant, comfortable and it works indoors and outdoors. 

As early as 1975, the Gaudi Chair was immortalised together with other design icons in the feature movie „Space: 1999“, and today it can be seen in all the world’s major design museums. 

If you’re ever bored in Milan, we recommend the small, charming Magistretti Museum, set up in his former studio rooms (Via Conservatorio 20, Milano). 

Set of 5 Gauidi chairs, repainted with car paint in azure blue. 

Product: gaudi chair

Designer: vico magistretti

Manufacturer: artemide s.p.a., milan, italy

Release Date: 1970

Dimensions: h: 73,5, w: 60, d: 54, sh: 44,5 cm

Materials: fiberglas-reinforced synthetic resin