From Waste to Vase.

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„func.“ originates from the word functionalism. functional furniture often comes from an industrial environment or production process, e.g. stools out of a workshop. not to throw away such pieces, but to give them a second, a new function in a home, was our initial idea and drives us to this day. 

And that’s exactly what we found in Jorge Penadés‘ new vase collection: The designer, born in Málaga and living in Madrid, has converted left over extruded aluminium profiles into a colourful collection of vases entitled Piscis. It’s not only wonderful design, but also a kind of luxurious upcycling, with the objective of giving a second chance to otherwise wasted production materials. The collection is made up of various models produced in a limited edition and now part of BD’s Art Editions, available @func. 

Product: Piscis Vase

Designer: Jorge Penadés

Manufacturer: Bd Barcelona

Release Date: 2019

Production period: 2019, limited edition

Dimensions: 30 - 55 cm