From the land of lounge lizards: Kjaerholm’s PK 22.

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The word „lounging“ must have been invented for this chair: Poul Kjaerholm’s PK 22 is not only world famous, but also elegant, light, comfortable and open in every respect so you can really hang out on it. Seen from the side, the leather-upholstered steelframe gives it a remarkable slim silhouette, seen from top down it’s just two connected squares. The design was awarded a Grand Prix at the Triennale di Milano 1957 and thus became an impressive start for a great career.

Our chair is a very early version, in fawn (reddish brown) leather, with hand stitching (you can recognize the E. Kold Christensen production by this). This early PK 22 has a perfect, strong patina and is more suitable as an object in this condition. We recommend a leather restoration if you sit continuously every day.

PK 22:L 63 cm, D 63 cm, H 71 cm, SH 35.5 cm

Product: PK 22

Designer: Poul Kjaerholm

Manufacturer: E. Kold Christensen

Release Date: 1956

Dimensions: L 63, D 63, H 71 cm

Materials: Steel, Leather