a chair to take root.

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the „swag leg chair“ by george nelson dates back to 1958 – but would still be a perfect fit in any science fiction movie today. the innovative design resulted from nelson’s demands for the development of his swag leg group, which includes chairs, a secretary and various tables. the elegantly curved legs were to be made of steel and processed by machine. and although the chair naturally looks extremely casual and cool, this has nothing to do with the youthful spirit of the 21st century: „swag“ here means the process of „swaging“, in English „pressing“ (metal pressing is still a widespread method of forming).


the frame is actually a combination of the classic „four-legged friend“ with the idea of a central axis. or, to put it more poetically by a contemporary: „like four tree roots growing out of the ground and uniting to form a strong trunk“. for the plastic seat shell, nelson used – with their permission – charles and ray eames patented moulding process. he developed a shell consisting of two individual parts: seat and backrest, which were then connected with metal clips (glued in later versions, by the way). the resulting gap ensures better ventilation of the back when sitting for longer periods – as if rooted, so to speak.


our example in a warm grey probably comes from the two-year phase of the clamped backrests and is in very good condition. nevertheless, it is of course an over 50 year old collector’s item, so it’s more something for the library than for the children’s room.

Product: Swag Leg Chair DAA

Designer: George Nelson

Manufacturer: Herman Miller, Zeeland

Release Date: 1958

Dimensions: h: 88, w: 73, d: 61 cm

Materials: Fiberglas, Rubber, Metal