fading luxury.

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don’t call poul henningsen’s ‚artichoke‘ a lamp – it’s an iconic piece of illumination. designed in 1958 for the copenhagen restaurant ‚langelinie pavillonen‘ – and still in use there – it has a permanent place at moma new york (and in nearly every other design museum in the world).

the artichoke consists of 72 leaves, sitting in rows of 6 on 12 steel arches. due to the perfect arrangement of the leaves, the bulb cannot be seen from any position, giving you a glare-free light – and that’s what henningsen wated to achieve here with this ingenious but also playful construction. and because it works so well, it’s also still in production by louis poulsen, denmark.

here we have a unique piece: a (formerly) white lacquered body with a magnificent rust patina, created over 40 years while illuminating a swimming pool in the south of france. you could try to recreate this kind of „chipping glamour“ – but if you don’t want to wait that long or if you don’t have a pool in france at the moment, you can buy it from us.


photos: Anja Kiefer, Tom Menz.

Product: PH Zapfen

Designer: Poul Henningsen

Manufacturer: Louis Poulsen

Release Date: 1958

Dimensions: H: 580 cm, Diameter: 60 cm

Materials: Metal