buy a banga!

A Banga shows ways in which we could live more sustainably, resource-efficiently and minimally – whether in the city on previously empty roofs or in the countryside to make better use of large plots of land. Whether as a guest room in the garden or as a vacation home at the lake: A Banga usually doesn’t need a building permit, because its floor area remains under 10m² (But beware: In nature reserves or conservation areas other rules may apply, of course!) And as a design object in a very small edition, the Banga – in contrast to the DIY store hut – rather doesn’t suffer from loss of value. In cooperation with scarchitekten we offer 2 meticulously and professionally restored Bangas for sale.

There are 2 different interior styles: Nr. 1 has light grey interior, Nr. 2 comes with black interior.


Here are all details:

  • Design & Development: Carlo Zappa, Milan
  • Trademark / Patent: No. 23306 B/71 and No. 30719 A/71
  • Construction period: first series 1971 to 1974
  • Last distribution: Bungalows International SRL, Milan
  • Complete restoration: 2022 by architectural office scarchitekten, Berlin
  • External dimensions : WxLxH 3,24m x 3,24m x 2,80m
  • Floor space: 8,1m²
  • Weight: approx. 850 kg
  • Walls: 2-layers of 2,5mm fiber sprayed GRP sheets
  • Floor: OSB wood-based panel on wooden beams on stainless steel profiles
  • Insulation: 20mm rock wool/ PUR insulation
  • Windows: 4 x round sliding glass + GRP sliding shutters
  • Doors: double walled glass fiber reinforced polyester resin (2 mms each)
  • Edgings: partly aluminum / stainless steel piping
  • Interior: GRP, spray paint high gloss white RAL 9016
  • Restauration: documentation available
  • Viewing: both Bangas can be viewed personally by appointment, they are located approx. 30 minutes from Zwickau (Germany)



Living room-bedroom

  • 2 sofas that can be converted into 4 beds
  • 4 new cushions / mattresses (covered in a light grey or black fabric)
  • many niches, shelves and cupboards
  • coat hook ‘Sputnik’, Osvaldo Borsani 1961 (optional)
  • stool ‘Tulip’, emsa 1970 (optional)
  • 2 integrated architectural lights made of translucent GRP
  • ‘Norament’ 926 rubber studded floor (1 x light grey, 1 x black)
  • Induction floor heating
  • ‘Redwell’ infrared radiant heating (power 400W)
  • natural ventilation system, manually adjustable with wooden sliders
  • and of course a Banga pillow and 2 sleeping masks are included



  • sink with ‘Hansanova Style’ standing faucet and ‘Grohe Therm Cosmopolitan’ two-handle grips
  • flow-type calorifier (up to 60℃ / 140℉) for sink, shower and washbasin
  • 1 double socket under the sink



  • completely separated from the living room
  • sink, shower, toilet, even the waste pipe is made of GRP
  • slip shower head for sink and shower
  • ‘Uten.Silo’ wall container, Dorothee Becker 1969 (special equipment) included
  • 1 single plug



  • high voltage power connection
  • electrical fuse box VDE
  • waste water and supply water connection
  • 3 steel feet, height adjustable







Product: Banga (former "La Tana" former "3L")

Designer: Carlo Zappa

Manufacturer: 3R

Release Date: 1971

Production period: 1971 - 74

Dimensions: w: 3,24 m x l: 3,24 m x h: 2,80 m

Materials: GRP