antibeige is out now.

25. August 2019

today it’s not about products, but about people.

working very close with clients, in their homes and with their belongings, we establish a kind of relationship, a special connection, often over years and sometimes it develops into a friendship. and we realized, these people often have something in common: they are ‚antibeige‘.

antibeige is not a color, but an attitude: for more pop, more punk, more memphis and more what-you-want. „what we need are a few crazy people, look at what we have reached with the normal ones.“ (george bernard shaw)

that’s the aim of a new interview series by func., starting today with the first two visits to berlin and eltville. we portray positively crazy people. people who who step out of line, who are a bit different, who don’t give much thought to what their neighbours think. and whom we’ve got to know as our customers.

the series will continue with more interviews in the future…