the pop lights.

this is a very special find – about which we know next to nothing: no manufacturer, no designer, no year or country of origin. but we understood that these could be custom made lights for one of the first ‚benetton‘ flagship stores abroad. they would have illustrated perfectly one of benetton’s trademark slogans: „tutti i colori del mondo“ („all the colours in the world“). so maybe you could catch a piece of history here – or maybe it’s just a set of very elegant and colourful lights.

set of 4 lights, lacquered metal in white, red , green, yellow and blue, mounted on a golden coloured frame. white translucent polycarbonat panel 

more about the history of benetton

Product: ceiling or wall lights, set of 4

Designer: unknown

Manufacturer: unknown

Release Date: ca. 1980

Dimensions: h: 48, l: 48, d: 20,4 cm, 2 e27 fitting inside each light

Materials: metall, glas