the machine age seat.

famous name, famous stool: the singer sewing machine chairs are typical representatives of „nameless“ industrial design, because the „designer“ wasn’t invented yet. but at the same time they are sought-after icons of the machine age. maybe, because they are the antithesis of the „good living room“: functional, indestructible, showing „work ethics“.

the singer company, founded in 1851 by isaac merritt singer, was soon the largest sewing machine manufacturer in the world. but it wasn’t until half a century later that singer brought its own specially designed chairs and stools onto the market, which were intended specifically for the textile industry. the heavy cast iron frames provided stability, some of them could even be screwed into the floor. early examples had detailed „lion feet“, later the design was simplified.

the singer stools are becoming increasingly rare. we have nevertheless found a set of chairs in excellent condition. the chairs are adjustable in height by turning. The backrest can be easily dismantled if you prefer stools.

more about the singer history:;

additional information sourced from brigitte durieux: „les objets culte du mobilier industriel“ &
mak wien: „industriemöbel – prototypen der moderne“

Product: Singer working chairs

Manufacturer: singer

Release Date: ca. 1930

Dimensions: sh: 44 - 54 cm, w: 36 cm, d: 40 cm

Materials: wood, cast iron