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french company „stamp“ was founded in 1948 by designer and company director henry massonet. they specialised in moulded plastic and their flagship product was a coolbox for fishermen. inventive henri came up with a light, hollow plastic stool where you could also store some stuff inside (some baguette and a bottle of wine, maybe). the practical stool was just another product until suddenly a magazine story presented brigitte bardot sitting on an orange ‚tamtam‘ – propelling it to instant fame and making it an design icon of the 60s.

from then on, stamp focussed on furniture (and they still do today!) they won awards for the quality of its products and its „thinking/manufacturing skills“, they even ran their own research and development department. in 1970 stamp developed this impressive swivel chair, the model 206, completely made of moulded thermoplastic, very light – and very space age.

set of two vintage 206 swivel chairs by stamp nurieux, 1971.

marked in the orange shell: stamp 01-nurieux, reference 206, breveté sgdg, made in france, modele depose;

in the white part: stamp 01-nurieux, modele depose, reference 206, date: 1971.


Product: swivel chair 206

Designer: henry massonet

Manufacturer: stamp

Release Date: 1971

Dimensions: h: 83, sh: 43,5, w: 71,5, D: 62cm

Materials: moulded thermoplastic