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Only a few design objects are so closely associated with a material, a company name and a designer as is the garden furniture made of – and by – Eternit, designed by Willy Guhl. Very well known from midcentury communal parks, flower shows or private gardens are the bow-shaped Guhl chair with matching table, the shell-shaped containers or the „Spindel“- or „Diabolo“ planters.

Half a century before, Ludwig Hatschek developed „the world’s first industrially produced building material“: Eternit. A special combination of fibers, cement, cellulose, air and water with special physical properties, such as frost resistance, fire resistance, and light weight, the building material quickly gained supporters like Otto Wagner, Oscar Niemeyer, Le Corbusier or Alvar Aalto. As early as 1903, factories were built in numerous European countries, in Russia and overseas, and Ludwig Hatschek’s invention is still being exported all over the world today.

Two large Spindel, planters, Willy Guhl / Anton Bee 1951 for Eternit company, solid, with strong patina
Ø: 56cm (top/bottom), H: 92cm, W: 14kg

More about the fascinating story on Eternit company’s website:

Safety notice:

Due to legal regulations (EU REACH Regulation Annex 17), I would like to point out that this item from the company Eternit contains asbestos. Due to the now clearly identified health risks posed by asbestos, its use is now prohibited in many countries. The marketing/purchasing of cultural-historical objects (containing asbestos) manufactured before 31.12.1994 is only permitted for collection and exhibition purposes. Eternit products may not be processed as follows: Grinding, drilling, sawing, crushing, or any other form of dismantling or processing.

By purchasing, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted these explanations, and that you are using the item exclusively for collection and exhibition purposes. You also declare that you are of age.

Product: Diabolo planters

Designer: Willy Guhl, Anton Bee

Manufacturer: Eternit

Release Date: 1951

Dimensions: H: 92 cm, diameter: 56 cm