„Dem Ingenieur ist nichts zu schwör“/3.

Sold, sorry.

The legendary Donald Duck translator Dr. Erika Fuchs already put this sentence in the mouth of the ingenious inventor Daniel Düsentrieb (orig. Gyro Gearloose). A beautiful example of this winged word is the history of the „Midgard“ luminaires.


It began in 1919 in the „Auma Ronneberger & Fischer“ tool and machine factory. One of the two people who gave his name, engineer Curt Fischer, was dissatisfied with the working conditions in his own factory: „It was too dark, both in the offices and at the workplaces of the machine manufacturers. Electric light was still a very young technology at the beginning of the 20th century: In Berlin, only 3.5 percent of all households were connected to the grid in 1910; the Osram company (like Fischer’s factory) was just founded in 1919.


The problem: electricity makes light – but light alone is not enough. A luminaire illuminates the room – but a worker at a machine casts a shadow on his own working area. That’s exactly what Curt Fischer wanted to change. He began studies on workplace lighting and the following year had movable wall arms manufactured in his own factory to support the lighting.


His idea of „steerable light“ led to his factory specialising entirely in the manufacture of this type of lighting – under the brand name „Midgard“. The functional design of the multi-adjustable luminaires now made it possible to „set“ the light precisely where it was needed. The paraboloid lamp head, painted white on the inside or equipped with a silver reflector, ensures that the light rays exit parallel to the front, resulting in less dazzling stray light. This functionality was certainly one reason why the Midgard articulated luminaires were used a few years later in the metal workshop of the Weimar Bauhaus – and Walter Gropius then also used them in his own master house in Dessau.


We have found again a lot of beautiful Midgard lights, which are waiting for a new home in the shop. Here is a nice example of a „Peitschenhieb“ light.


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Product: Peitschenhieb-Klemmleuchte

Designer: Curt Fischer

Manufacturer: Midgard