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A last (of originally three) red fiberglass seat shell has been joined together with a white La Fonda base to form a DAL (Dining Armchair La Fonda Base).

Here’s the story again: Red fibreglass shells are very rare. When we discovered them here at a dealer in the USA, they were still upholstered with red vinyl and red piping. We would have loved to have kept the cushion, but unfortunately the vinyl cover was irreparably damaged. So we persuaded our Eames restorer with angelic tongues to „uncushion“ the shells. This is a tedious job that is only worthwhile with really special fiberglass shells. With softly padded shells like these, the shock mounts were always drilled through the shell. If the upholstery is now removed, the holes become visible (which were previously hidden under the upholstery) – and this is exactly what the restorer then has to seal with exactly matching polyester resin and fibreglass threads. Then new shock mounts are glued, the shells are sanded and resealed.


A lot of effort, but it is worth it: The upholstery was a protective suit for the shells, i.e. the surface never showed signs of wear. That’s why we now have a „virgin“ armchair in sensationally bright colour. And he’s looking for a new home.

Product: DAL Dining Armchair La Fonda Base

Designer: Ray & Charles Eames

Manufacturer: Herman Miller

Release Date: 1940 - 1951

Dimensions: H: 83,5, B: 62, T: 60, SH: 43 cm

Materials: Fiberglas, Aluminiumspritzgu├č, Gummi